From one artist to another...besides the Spiritual and Religious aspects...what's your next most favorite thing about the Holidays and Christmas??

Me wants to know?

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Hi Neadeen and Merry Christmas - also hoping the New year brings positive results for you and everyone here in the AAO community.

It will be hot here for Christmas day in the tropics.  Many families go to parks by rivers and the sea, we eat prawns, salad, along with special treats. My friend and i are going to create room for ourselves in a park... by playing our ukuleles. You know what that means people could hate us and leave.  We plan to play lots of Christmas songs,(really badly) and generally have fun. Maybe get to gatecrash someone elses party.  Thats if they like us.   Ukulele hugs to all... <singing>  I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas...  Carol Sharpe Australia. 


Carol it sounds like a blast! Have fun and I think folks will appreciate your enthusiasm! Merry Christmas to you too!

Enjoy the holidays!


Christmas greetings to you Neadeen and all the Team.

Like Carol said, Christmas Day is going to be hot and humid here also. We have the Traditional Roast and Steamed pudding at Midday, then relax, play games outside.

After the Christmas rush, I enjoy the relaxed time at home, without going out to Craft groups, teaching and other commitments. Most times it is so hot one, doesn't even want to go shopping, so with the air conditioner on, I paint.

A few years back, one summer, I decided to shop at my nearest town, like before breakfast, because the night had been so hot and the new day not looking good. It seemed like everybody else had decided to do the same thing, as it was packed with shoppers, enjoying the cool of the supermarket. LOL!!!!

Nola it still amazes me that Christmas is cold...I spent the first 22 years of my life in the tropics, so I am used to palm trees and calypso music over the holidays!!! We used to go to the beach on Boxing day and it was always a family get together on someone's patio!!!

You have a great weekend and week ahead. Hope you are feeling back to your regular self and it will be a fantastic New Year for you too!



Just being with family and having a traditional dinner favorite(cornbread dressing). Seeing cousins that I only get to see once or twice a year. This year getting to see the delight in a 1 year olds eyes.



Sharon I envy your bigger family...ours are spread all over the world so we hardly see them

 Merry Christmas to you sweetie!



Thank you Ladies of AAO for the beautiful Christmas Card I received--it is just beautiful.  I am not much of a Christmas person, I do decorate but only inside with my fiber optic thingies. I do not prepare a dinner nor bake but have a husband who LOVES to do these things so he makes pies and fudge.  We always go elsewhere for our Christmas dinner to his family and then on Boxing Day to our own family. It is lovely to see all of them and I spend days wrapping and concocting silly things to give them.  This year I made them all Christmas Stockings and for my daughter and daughter-in-law, centerpieces made with oranges.  These are the cutest things and the directions are from an old magazine I picked up at my eye doctor's office.  Easy and cheap to do but very effective and fragrant.  Take an orange (preferably one with thicker skin) and take one of the cheap votive candles (dollar store variety) and measure the circumference of the candle.  With a paring knife cut the circle into the orange and stick in the candle.  Use one of the sharp pointed thingies that you lace the turkey together with to put holes around the top of the orange and then insert whole cloves in the holes.  You can also glue on (with a glue gun) Star Anise as more decoration.  Arrange 3 of them in a bowl with lettuce or Christmas greenery around and light them.  The smells are just beautiful.  My best wishes to each and everyone of you for the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest New Year 2012.

I love your idea for the oranges and candles. Take a picture and post it. Would love to make one. Merry Christmas Janice and ask your husband to send fudge!!!



Dear Neadeen--I hope that you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.  I have just uploaded 2 photos of the Orange with candles in them for you to see.  They are in my photo album.  Easy to make and they smell great.  Thanks for asking.

Janice, Would love to see the orange candles too. Browsed through all your lovely painting pic again. There are so many there that are very enjoyable to view. You must not have loaded the pic because they aren't anywhere to be found.


I can't find these photo albums that everyone is referring to. Where do I find them? I keep reading references to photos but never see the photos. Help!

Shea go up to the top menu that goes across the page. Click on photos and they should be in there. In addition, sometimes the photos are posted in the various groups. When you see a message about a photo, look at the header right right before the message. For an example "Lynnette Horn commented in Neadeen Master's group 'What's on your easle?' " You can click on the name to go to the person's page. You can click on "commented" to go directly to the full comment. You can click on the group name to go directly to the group or discussion. Then you may have to cursor through the messages in the group to see the photos. Sometimes the photos show without having to do anything else. Other times you need to search for jpeg attachments.

I hope this helps. The three places where you will see the majority of the photos are: under the photos link; in the "What's on your easle?" group; and the Challenge group.



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