this is a Linda Lock pattern. I begun this painting in 2010.


I don't like to show my paintings. But I am doing this one just in case it might gives hope to someone. I had a car accident at the end of 2010. THis kept me from being seated on a long period of time (rea having troubles working). I am currently at home beaucse my condition got worse. I cannot remain seated more than 20 minutes. So I manage to put my canvas on my easel and I paint standing for 20 minutes a day. This is not much but if this can gives hope to someone, this post will be then a succes ;)


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Very, very pretty.  Your background is also you have texture medium on it?

yes! I have added something. And there was a reason for this. I begun this painting in 2010, long before I discover Art Apprentice Online and all the knowledge with this web site. So I hated painting on canvas, straight on canvas. I have to admit that all people I have attended painting classes here in Quebec city never told me about how to prepare canvas. Everyone that I know here paint on canvas directly from the store, no preparation as the way we learn on AAO. I have almost always hated feeling the bumps that painting on straight canvas from the store is sending back to me. So addind texture was a try for me to avoid this.

Very nice Renee you can do anything if you try hard enough. Where there is a will there is a way.  Thanks for sharing and prayers for your  recovery.


Thanks for your prayers! I will need these as I might have to go through surgery.

The pattern says to do all the flowers and then do the background. But as I was more and more painting flowers, I was not comfortable with the white background. I was feeling like I was not "reading" correct the colors ... so this is why I decided to put the base of the background. This is my choice of doing this. I feel it is helping me more to "see" the colors and nuances.

Hi there, I am currently living my 9th year as a survivor of cancer that took most of my life away. I too have been left with lifelong fibromyalgia and was suicidal. I can now paint for as long as 2 hours or more on a good day at a time and owe my life to my fellow painters. They encouraged me along the way, telling me I could do it, and lo and behold you've done it too! Keep up the good work, art is a medicine we should all partake of! I love your tulips especially the middle one that is closed. Feel free to email me anytime you need a friend. Your partner in pain! Barbara

Thanks partner in pain for sharing! If this post can give hope to others ... that would be great!


And yes! Painting for me is a medecine.


The tulip you prefer is the one that is almost done! I still have to work on the 2 open. And then the background.


Let's make this post a post about hope!


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