I need all of you to please pray hard for me that this works out.  My landlord is mad because I wouldn't pay for repairs that needed done to this place when I moved in 3 -1/2 years ago that had just gotten worse until he had to do something.  It said in the papers that I have been dropped by HUD.  I cannot rent anyplace on my income with out assistance. There is no telling what he has told them.  They know this place was leaking in several places and moldy.  I have told them that from the beginning, so it is not like they didn't know about it.  I called my attorney who is not charging me, hoping he can get something done.  I haven't heard from him today.  I got the notice delivered last night late and left him a message on his email.


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Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on March 25, 2012 at 11:21am

Thank you for your email, Sue.  I know no one can help me  I can only ask for prayers.  It is all too big a mess.

My daughter is over 650 miles from me.  If I loose HUD I can't get it back for 5 years.  I am on disability so I have to have it.  I can't move in with her as she doesn't have enough room.  She has offered, but it would be putting them out and I don't want to do that.  She is in the middle of getting a little girl adopted too, and it is very expensive.   You can't get storage here for $50.  It is $120 and it would take 2 or 3 units and I don't even have living room or bedroom furniture.  I have a twin bed that my sons friend loaned me sitting on totes. I have no appliances.  I don't know how long you would have to set up residencey.. I have not been able to even get it moved to my attorneys county.  I don't know if they don't want to bother or not.  This was before the storm hit down there.  There is just a lot to everything going on and I try not to put my whole life on here.  Just need prayers, because I know God is my only answer.  So, I thank everyone for their prayers.

Comment by Sue Tate on March 25, 2012 at 5:53am

 If there is no help available you should go to your daughter temporarily and set up residencey there so you can get hud assistance and the like. Are you close? You can store your furniture for the time it takes at about $50 a month.  It is important to be near family when you are in this situation.  I have a neice who is in your situation and I have found in helping her that you just have to stay on these people because they are so overworked, and make sure you dot your eyes and cross you t's because you go to the bottom of the pile if you don't. Pray for them and your Landlord. Turning in people only gets people mad and you a reputation as a trouble maker with them.  Unfortunately, this is the way it is and you get nowhere with them then. This world is a scarey place right now because there is so much trouble everything and everyone is swamped with people who have so many problems.  I know from working with my neice the ones who get help are the ones with children and people like you there is very little they have available. They are stretched to their limits.  Get your bible out and do what the Lord tells you and he will give you the strength to bear your burdens.  Look for a hand up and not a hand out and God will see it's there if you have faith.  Your local church should be your family if you can't be close to your own family. If you aren't a member of the church you should be.  You would always have someone that way and that is where God is. God will not make this all go away but will help give you the strength to get it all taken care of.  Sorry for the sermon, but sometimes there is no other answer we can give. Our sympathy doesn't keep a roof over your head does it.  I will pray for your strength and faith and a dry basement. I have fibromyalgia too so know how that goes.  I just try to do what I can when I can.  Worry is the worst thing for it and keeping my mind occupied is the best. 

Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on March 24, 2012 at 10:46pm

I have talked to all kinds of people around here and turned some of them in at HUD.  They gave my HUD back because they hadn't done what they were supposed to do and had taken the landlords word that he had fixed things here when he hadn't.  They are supposed to come back and check.  My living room floor is now literately falling in.  There is not much available with HUD.  Two places I looked at had water in the basement.  I don't need more mold.  I am just about ready if something doesn't turn up soon to go Federal one them. I have the names and numbers.  I don't know why they let people by with what they try to rent around here.  I even had my lawyer involved. Thankfully he didn't charge me.  He is a christian and a real sweetheart.  Never thought I would run into one like him.  He is a friend of a friend.  He was checking in his county for me, but the whole county just about got blown away a month or so ago, so I doubt if he will find anything there.  It was a shock and killed quite a few people.  They just don't hit here like that, or didn't before.  I have never seen a place like this one.  You can't get anything done.  I know it is hard for people to understand that don't live here, but that is the way it is.  If I were in IL where I am from I wouldn't have these problems. You can call the health department there for such things as the shape this house is in.  Here they only have a free doctor and hand out birth control. The woman that I and my lawyer talked to in a meeting said, my landlord is not allowed to charge me for grounds work, which he doesn't do and goes in his pocket, but he has the charges right back on my rent bill he drops off every month.  It just seems that no matter what they say, he just continues to do what he wants to and that goes on all over her too.  My attorney told me that my ex's attorney could not represent him anymore as he is now a Commonwealth Attorney.  I have still gotten letters from him referring to my ex as his client.  I have turned in lawyers and a judge.  Nothing was done.  I even contacted the Governor and the General attorney.  I have fought these people for years to no avail in this "good ole boy" state.  It is a waste of time.  It is all a long story.  I have tried every way there is to try.  My daughter wants me to move by her in MS, but I can't afford to do that.  I am, as it stands right now stuck here.  My family are all very far away, what is left of them.

I will not feel better until I get the iron transfusion I need.  First I had to see if the doctor would take me back as a patient.  He let me come back and my blood was checked. My iron is very low.  I called them yesterday as I hadn't heard from them like I was supposed to if there was a problem.  They always just set me up for an appointment starting the next day and I would go for 8 days in a row, except weekends.  But, this time they said they had to talk to the doctor to see what he said.  I am to call back Monday afternoon as he will not be there in the morning.  Guess I will find out then what will happen.  I don't know what I will do if he doesn't give them to me anymore.

Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on March 24, 2012 at 1:25pm

Ni, I don't really have help.  Doesn't seem like anyone wants to help anymore.  I helped a lot of people move before my truck got wrecked.  Seems like it is a me world.  My lawyer told me he would provide a truck and a couple of guys to help me move when I find a place.  It is just so hard getting it all together.  There is really know place to put boxes when you get them packed.  This place is really small.  I have tripped and fell twice in here. I am always tripping but the two actual falls where I couldn't catch myself really did some damage.

The churches here will only help you if you are a member and I am not a member of any of them.  I never found a church here.  Mostly because I didn't want to go by myself.  I have promised my friend, she had a heart transplant and lost toes from gangrene, that I would take her for us to find one, but right now I don't even know where any decent clothes are.  I will have to wait until I get moved.  Hopefully if I get the iron treatments I will feel like doing more.  Today is one of those days I just want to lay down.  It is raining and with my arthritis and fybromyalgia I hurt from head to toe.  Can't do any pain pills either.  I just have to deal with it.  I was just thinking of laying down, which is rare for me in the day time, but it does help the pain some if I don't stay in one position too long.

Comment by Lynnette Horn on March 24, 2012 at 1:00pm

I feel like you are all alone. Is there anyone who can help you? You might try on calling the local churches to see if anyone who help. Believe me I understand low energy. I suffer from depression, even though I am being treated there are days when I feel like moving through thick molasses. When that happens it is hard to even lift my head off of my pillow. It would be worse if I didn't have people to help me.

Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on March 24, 2012 at 10:55am

Thank you Lynnette for your prayers. They are needed.  I have done all of this you suggested.  There is just not anything available right now.  I am also worried about all of these tests and getting my iron transfusions.  I need this straightened out as I have been told it will be for life and I need them fairly often.  I am so tired all of the time.  I figured it was down, but they took their time deciding if I could come back in.  Now they have to talk to the doctor about them.  It is so hard to get boxes, get packed, and look for a place also when I don't have the energy to move.  It is very low.

Comment by Lynnette Horn on March 24, 2012 at 7:59am

Maggie, my heart goes out to you. Nothing like being between a rock and a hard place. Of course you have my prayers. Check with the Division of Family Services for help. Also pull up on the computer "senior apartments" for low income housing for seniors. The ones around me are beautiful. I'm also praying for your health.

 (((((((Gentle hugs)))))))))


Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on March 23, 2012 at 5:08pm

I am still here and not on the streets yet.  I think my landlord hates to put me out as I pay my rent.  He gets a lot who don't.  The house is worse.  The living room floor is literately falling in and there are soft spots you can feel give all over the house.  Also,, new leaks and the spring rains are here.  The mold is so much worse when it is hot, and we have hot with rain.  It is supposed to rain the next four or five days. I still haven't found a place to live and really need to get out of here.  I think after all the problems he caused me he has ideas of putting me in another of his places.  Please God, I hope not.  They are all falling down.  He just refuses to fix anything right.  The utility bills are so high here with all the holes and they should be cheap as little as this place is.

I finally called my doctors office today for the results of my iron tests.  They told me that they would  call me if they were bad.  That was Thursday of last week.  I feel so bad and so tired that I though this evening, I will just call them.  My iron is so low I am surprised I am functioning.  The nurse told me they had to talk to the doctor Monday and see what he wants to do.  This is the one I had to wait to see if he would let me come back.  All I can thing of is they are going to find out if he will give me the iron.  They always just went ahead and made an appointment for me to start the 8 days as soon as they knew it was low.  He is the one I owe a bunch of money.  I guess iron must be expensive as I always pay him some when I go, plus I have the Medicare..

I don't see the OB-GYN until April 9th for my cancer tests..

I am also having chest pains the last couple of days.  I think I have done to much at once and stress isn't helping.

Guess I still need prayers for my health and to find another place to move soon.  At least it is not freezing like it would have been if I had found a place earlier.

Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on January 13, 2012 at 1:12pm

Update on eviction. Kind of long.  Sorry.

Thanks to all of you for your concerns and prayers.  Sorry I didn't get back to everyone yesterday.  I didn't sleep the night before much, needless to say and had things I had to do.  I went to sleep early, then tossed and turned all night from pain in my hip and leg, also cramps in my feet and toes.  I go through that every winter from my feet being on this cold floor, I guess.  I got up late and had to do some moving around to get rid of some of the pain.  We got some snow, not much, but it was very cold in here.  This will be kind of long.  I heard a noise behind my house after I got up and went to see what it was.  It was my landlord and a guy up behind me jack hammering the drive way to the houses behind me.  So, I guess he has some problem up in one or more of the houses up there.  The guy doing the jack hammering was in an old dumpy truck, so this  tells me he has hired another of his useless workers and what ever it is will probably not be fixed right.  Doesn't concern my house apparently.  Anyway, they were still at it  when we left to go to court.  All my letters and papers said 11:00.  My attorney was already there and told me it would be at 1:00.  I told him my landlord was at my house when I left and if he showed up at 1:00, then we would know that he already knew it was at 1:00.   Sure enough, at 1:00 he was right there.  This is what I mean about what goes on in this town.  He knows somebody.  My attorney was so mad.  I told him, this is the kind of run around you get here if you have to deal with someone who knows someone. Anyway,  I really couldn't tell you much of what the judge said, as I am so plugged up from sinus.  He did say that, if I rent on a month to month basis that the landlord could give me a notice to move without any reason, so the charges he was trying to charge me for were not brought up.  He just told him my HUD had been dropped.  He also didn't tell him that he had rejected the rent when I tried to give it to him.  My attorney told the judge that we had a hearing with HUD, I don't know the date, to get my HUD reinstated.  He asked my landlord if I could stay here if my HUD got reinstated and he said, no.  The judge said something like you just lost the ground you were standing on, or something to that effect.  Anyway, he gave us another court date, I think.

What happened was,the night before (this is where the prayers started to come in.  Many thanks to all of you.  I thought to call this place where the people worked who tried to help me in my divorce as my attorney had sent me an email saying he still couldn't get anyone to get back to him from HUD, though he had left messages in two different town offices because my worker would not get back to him.  I asked them if they knew the number of the person over the HUD people and they gave me to this other woman.  I told her what was going on and she told me she would talk to the director the next morning first thing.  I heard her tell someone to tell my worker to call me.  I t never happened.  Anyway she called me back after 5 when she should have already went home and told me she tried to call my attorney but didn't get an answer.  I told her he had probably already went home.  She told me that she had my record, I think she is in a building behind the one I called to start with, and probably had someone bring it to her.  She told me to have my attorney call her in the morning.  So I left a message on his answering machine and also sent him an email with her name and number.  He told me, when we showed up at 11 like we were supposed to, that he had talked her and that nothing in my record was like it should be.  She said, when my atto

Comment by Margaret Ann Hamm (Maggie) on January 12, 2012 at 5:35am

Thanks, Monuel.  Your prayers are appreciated and needed.....Maggie

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